Felicia tipsade om denna video. Det är en tjej som heter Alina och hon kommer från Ryssland, hon sjunger en låt som heter "Message to Michael" som är väldigt vacker. Jag tycker hon är jätteduktig att sjunga, tycker inte ni? Väldigt vackert, och texten är fantastisk, som hon har skrivit själv. Alla hyllningar till Michael är så underbara.
Hon har även skrivit en fin text till denna video;

"At 15 years old I was like any other teenager in Russia. I got up early to take the subway to school. I zipped through War and Peace and Crime and Punishment as if they were Harry Potter. I played spin-the-bottle, hoping to kiss the boy that I liked
Many of my friends loved going out to late night discos to shake away the stress of our schoolwork. Here is where I was different. Instead of going to parties with them, I spent hours, locked in my room dancing to Michael Jacksons songs.
Whenever I put on my headphones with Billie Jean or Beat It blasting it them, it was like I was transported to some wonderful, magical land! I think I must have been quite a sight, moonwalking around my bedroom, belting out Michael Jackson tunes!
Even though I have never met Michael, he has had a huge impact on my life. It was him that inspired me to go for a career in the music industry. It was the desire to understand his lyrics that drove me to adopt English as my new language. I even connected with by husband over his music!
When Michael passed away, I felt as if I lost a very close friend. There was so much talk about him in the news, but I felt restless, like I, personally, needed to express my pain for Michael. I recorded a cover of one of his songs, You Are Not Alone ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUF_ED... ), but it still wasnt enough.
So, I decided to do a version of a Burt Bacharach & Hal David song Message To Michael and dedicate it to Michael Jackson. I wrote these lyrics, thinking of him, as if they were a letter. They may not be perfect, but theyre straight from the heart.
I hope this song will speak to other people who loved Michael Jacksons music. If you do like it, please pass it along to other MJ fans. Alina"

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Sv: Håller med, det låtar lite konstig. :/

http://mmajda.blogg.se | Datum: 2010-02-15 Tid: 19:10:55

Allt bra idag? :)

http://mmajda.blogg.se | Datum: 2010-02-15 Tid: 19:54:48

SV: Ah, roligt? Jo tack, det tycker jag. :)

Ska faktiskt läsa lite NO nu..

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SV: Ah, roligt? Jo tack, det tycker jag. :)

Ska faktiskt läsa lite NO nu..

http://mmajda.blogg.se | Datum: 2010-02-15 Tid: 19:54:50

SV: Ah, roligt? Jo tack, det tycker jag. :)

Ska faktiskt läsa lite NO nu..

Anna | Datum: 2010-02-15 Tid: 20:22:53

Vad fint. :) <3

Alma | Datum: 2010-02-15 Tid: 20:33:58

Ett tips

We are the world 25 (for Haiti):


Hoppas du mår bra :)


Michael lover<333333333 | Datum: 2010-02-16 Tid: 19:53:19

Så fin.<3

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