I'm so pleased with the new album (Invincible), but I was particularly touched by "Speechless". What was your inspiration for this song?

Michael svarar;

"Speechless" var inspired to me by... I spend a lot of time in the forest, I like to go into the forest and I like to climb trees. My favourite thing is to climb trees, go all the way up to the top of a tree and I look down on the branches, whenever I do that it inspires me for music. There are these two sweet little kids, a girl and a boy, and they're so innocent, they're the quintessential form of innocence, and just being in there presence I felt completely speechless, 'cause I felt I was looking in the face of God whenever I saw them. They inspired me to write "Speechless".

HANNA | Datum: 2011-05-14 Tid: 17:20:50

detsamma !

vad tycker du om tatueringar?:)

HONDENRÖDHÅRIGA | Datum: 2011-05-14 Tid: 17:25:44

jag vill också ha nått sånt, men kanske bara ett ord :)

A D E L I N A | Datum: 2011-05-14 Tid: 20:29:55

sv: tack detsamma :)

Sara | Datum: 2011-05-15 Tid: 00:05:42

Han är bäst!!

Mari | Datum: 2011-05-15 Tid: 10:11:47

SV Tack, den var trevlig =) Din ?

Josefine | Datum: 2011-05-15 Tid: 13:15:23

sv: tack detsamma :)

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