It's that time of month again when we elect our leader who represents us in national and foreign affairs I don't have a political affiliation and no one can influence my thought but maybe I can show you what I believe I believe both parties democrat and republican have great ideals and flaws 4 years ago when Obama was elected into office I remember watching the election with my siblings and my dad as he said history is being made he was speaking of the first African American president however he was also speaking about how 1 man like Obama could change the nation it is my personal belief that Obama has reformed the United States for the better he has tried to change many plans but certain political parties have stopped him this one man has brought the economy back or be is at least bringing it back from a mess the previous president he wasn't given an easy job but he did it to help his country I'm not patriotic but I want to help the country I live in if I could vote I'd vote OBAMA 2012 I am no different from you who is reading this my dad is black and my mom white with a bunch of other races I am 15 and a male those are tributes that describe me as myself but I'm a human just like you I love I hate I laugh I cry I bleed and I can die Obama has been focusing on peace(or at least stopping a 10 year war) I understand without war we wouldn't know peace but Romney believes in military action my dad believed in peace not just peace but WORLD PEACE Obama is just one human just like me or you but he's made a difference to this country and others yes he is the president but we can help him by re-electing him for president let's bring the world together to some of you this tweet is nothing that's ok but to some maybe it hits home and Romney I am not one of your 47% I am a human who believes he knows what's right and I believe Barack Obama is right for America so let's make Obama a trending topic and our president for another 4 more progressive years#obama2012
~ Prince Jackson

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sv; aa skirver allt om igen imorgon! :D

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