"I greeted Michael and shook his hand. He returned my handshake gently but firmly. At that moment, something astonishing happened. My whole nervousness and fear disappeared in the very instant that he touched me. After I had introduced myself, Michael replied quietly, ‘Hi. I am Michael.’ This almost distracted me, as I found this gesture unbelievably cute. In order to not lose my head, I explained to Michael who I was and why I was here: to present the Golden Otto Award, as the Bravo readers clearly thought that he deserved it the most. Michael very carefully took the award and admired it at length. (It was a little Indian). ‘Oh, he is so cute!’ he called out and offered his heartfelt thank you. I got the impression that it really meant a lot to him. ‘I know,’ I replied and grinned. ‘I wanted to keep it for myself you know,’ I teased. Michael giggled and bit his lips. I didn’t know what to do, so it seemed to me that honesty would be the best solution. So I admitted that I was quite shy and very, very nervous because of all the people around and the cameras. I didn’t want to tell him that he was the primary cause for my nervousness, that would have been too embarrassing. Michael opened his mouth, clearly surprised and abruptly, I was pulled into his arms. ‘You don’t need to be nervous. We’ll get through it together", he whispered and patted my shoulder. While we posed for the photos, he told me in a whisper that he still wasn’t used to all of this and that he was so very nervous and shy himself. ‘They always think that somebody wants to kill me’, he added quietly and rolled his eyes, his gaze now fixed on his bodyguards nearby." ~ Silke Milpauer

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