Michael’s driver and friend-Gokor was interviewed by a local Armenian channel shortly after the ‘memorial”(Gokor is Armenian). One day Gokor was driving Michael to an important meeting, Mike as usual was looking out of the window watching people outside and the red light went and they stopped.

There was a little girl with her mum on the pavement, she was playing with her ball while her mum was busy talking on the phone and then the girl’s ball rolled onto the motorway and the girl ran out to get it, and as she was doing so the  green light for the cars turned back on and a car continued heading in the direction of the little girl.

Mike was following all of this happening and at that moment he openned the car door and ran out of his car to save the little girl. Gokor didn’t have enough time to figure out what was happening as all he could see was a car heading MJ’s way and he thought he was going to die. Luckily they both managed to make it across the street and the mother pulled her daughter away from the road. 

When Michael got back into the car he and Gokor were trembling with shock and Mike was in tears over the thought that the car might have run the little girl down, but at that moment Michael hadn’t cared about his own life, he was ready to save the girl.

The driver also said that Michael used to disguise himself and take a mini cab with Gokor and they would go out to ice-crem shops and wait in queues and nobody would know that Michael Jackson was near them.

Once when they were waiting in line, Michael asked Gokor to tell the old lady who was next to them that he (Gokor) would pay for her. The lady turned Gokor down several times, finally Gokor turned around to Michael and said loudly: “You see MICHAEL JACKSON she doesn’t want me to.” 

After that everyone turned to look at them and the old lady couldn’t believe it, she went down on her knees, was trembling and crying with shock. Michael helped her to stand up, held her, kissed her and then paid for ice-cream for everyone in the shop.

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