Michael and Isao Tomita - Tokyo, September 24, 1987


"When Michael toured Japan in ‘87, he was invited to dinner at a famous composer’s house, where he was offered a cup of Sake. The translator had told Michael before the meal that the Japanese tradition states that you should continue to eat and drink until there is nothing left on your plate or in your glass. Michael heard that the rice wine is made from 100% rice and very pure, so he wanted to try a few drops. The cup was so small that he soon emptied it, and the composer poured him some more. Michael, not wanting to ignore the tradition or to offend, drank this second glass of wine too. This continued again…and again…and again, until Michael realized that he simply couldn’t drink any more. So he took the little cup and passed it under the table to the translator, who drank the wine and passed it back in its original place. The translator drank the wine again and again for his boss."

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Haha vad gör man inte i en krissituation liksom? :p

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