“What I can say about Katherine, is she has the most gentle soul of any one I have ever met. And she loved her children. She was really a very good mother to the children. She knew where every single one of them was at all times while she was also working. She did keep them off the street. Many don’t know this but she helped me a lot rehearsing the kids. Although she does not celebrate birthdays she knows all their birthday’s by heart. We’ve been through a lot together


Her unique character. When Katherine and I argue as couples sometimes do, I am not worried at all if she is loud, shouts or screams at me. But when she gets really quiet, ooh that is when I know to be very very careful around her. Still water runs deep. There is so much of Michael in her.”

~ Joe Jackson

Patricia | Datum: 2014-07-22 Tid: 14:49:14

Det var riktigt fint sakt av Joe!<3

Anonym | Datum: 2014-07-22 Tid: 19:22:36

Vill så gärna träffa henne! Det skulle kännas lite som att träffa Michael och vi vet ju alla hur häftigt DET vore :o :)

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