"Whenever he couldn’t sleep, we’d hear him in the studio. The way it was set up we could see the studio windows from the trailer. It’d be three-thirty in the morning, pitch black outside, the whole neighborhood quiet. The light in the studio would come on. You wouldn’t hear anything for a while. There was a TV in there; maybe he was watching videos or something. Then, about fifteen minutes later, you’d hear a bass line. You’d hear him adjusting the volume, the tempo, you’d hear his feet moving on the boards – and then that voice, that voice that sold millions of records. It would just come pouring out of him. Beautiful. Incredible.“

It gave me goose bumps. How could you not get goose bumps, hearing Michael Jackson perform like that? In the dead of night, just sitting there and listening by yourself, no one else around? We never really got used to it. It was always amazing no matter how many times we heard it.“


~ Bill Whitfield, Javon Beard (livvakter), Protecting Michael Jackson in his final days

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Wow! Det där är ju verkligen en sån historia som man VILL ska vara sann! Fatta vad fantastiskt att han faktiskt höll på med musiken själv mitt i natten..! Han slutar aldrig imponera på mig! :))

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