I nyheterna står det att Michael slog Bubbles, exempelvis på Expressen. *Svär inombords* KAN DE INTE BARA LÄMNA MICHAEL IFRED.
Jag tänker på riktigt mejla journalisten och fråga varför han tror på allt han hör..



1. Love Never Felt So Good


“Love Never Felt So Good” originates from collaborative sessions Jackson held with legendary songwriters Paul Anka and Kathy Wakefield in the early-80s.


Touted by Mirror reporter Kevin Hughes as “an amazing 1983 disco groove” with a “soulful vocal, infectious baseline and orchestral strings,” this track would apparently not sound out of place on a Pharrell album. Lewis Corner of Digital Spy says that the track comes complete with 1980s “disco beats and crisp finger clicks,” adding that “the groove of the track is soaked in nostalgia.” The finger snaps are all present on the original demo of the track, but a 1980s disco beat is not. In fact, the demo, which will appear in the Deluxe Edition of ‘XSCAPE’, has only one instrument; a piano.


2. She Was Lovin’ Me (aka Chicago)


“She Was Lovin’ Me” is an ‘Invincible’ era track written and produced by Cory Rooney. Jackson recorded his vocals at The Hit Factory in New York in late-March of 1999.


“The second song – possibly called Chicago and cited by Timbaland as a future single – falls into the former camp, with Jackson utilising a harder vocal delivery that’s encased in a big industrial melange of jackhammer beats,” recalls The Guardian journalist Michael Cragg. “Jackson practically gave birth to the genre ‘dirty-pop’, and track two throws back to that period when you wouldn’t see him on stage without bolshy bass and hip-pop beats, ‘She lied to you/ She lied to me,’ he proclaims in his trademark growl,” adds Lewis Corner.


This, indeed, is the track that Timbaland referred to as “Chicago” in an interview with Revolt TV last year – touting it as his pick for the album’s lead single. The title “Chicago” has caused some confusion among fans, including myself, which I address here.


Kevin Hughes reported that the: “RnB soaked ‘She Was Lovin Me’ (originally considered for the 2001 Invincible album) has echoes of  ’The Way You Make Me Feel’.” Hughes is not the only journalist to cite a similarity to Jackson’s 1987 hit, with The Telegraph’s Bernadette McNulty stating that: “When one of the songs directly recalls the bassline from The Way You Make Me Feel it seems like a step too far.” Whether or not McNulty is referring to “She Was Lovin’ Me” – or another song altogether – is not specified in her report.


“She Was Lovin’ Me” is one of two tracks on the album that have not leaked publicly (the other title remains unknown) meaning, unlike the other six tracks on the album, fans have never heard it. I, however, was lucky enough to have listened to the track last year during preparations for an article I wrote and released for Michael’s fans on what would have been his 55th birthday (August 29, 2013). What I find interesting about the brief reviews of this track in particular, are the comparisons to “The Way You Make Me Feel”. I can tell you right now, the original version of “She Was Lovin Me” sounds absolutely nothing like “The Way You Make Me Feel”. If anything, it reminded me of elements present in “Morphine”, “D.S.” and “Another Day”. Rooney himself draws this comparison: “The song goes from him singing really low in the verses to singing really high in the choruses, so it’s two different types of vocals. It’s like Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ voice and his ‘Dirty Diana’ voice in one record.”


Jackson delivers an emotionally powerful vocal on the track, packed with pain and frustration. The verses gently tell the intimate story of Jackson’s encounter with a woman whom he believes was attracted to him, before unleashing a rage of guitar-infused fury in the choruses.


“I met her on the way to Chicago, and she was all alone, and so was I so I asker her for her name. She smiled and looked at me, I was surprised to see, that a woman like that was really into me,” sings Jackson in the first verse, before things take a turn for the worse in the second.


3. Lovin’ You


“Lovin’ You” was originally written and recorded by Michael Jackson in the mid-80s, before the ‘Bad’ album, and was mixed by Matt Forger at Jackson’s Hayvenhurst home studio.


“The third song played is another Off the Wallesque, mid-paced love song with a youthful, almost naive-sounding vocal. It feels very much like a song that didn’t make it on to an old album, and while the production is good – there’s an amazing rolling beat throughout – it still feels slight,” reported journalist Michael Cragg after attending a listening session in the UK, while Lewis Corner, also at that session, described it as a flowing ’80s-tinged serenade with orchestral bursts and choral harmonies. A critic who heard the track during the Paris listening session likened the song to “Liberian Girl” and described it as being a nostalgic track with a minimalist-type production and whirling synths. Another attendee of that same Paris listening session told me that the track was a smooth mid-tempo love song about a girl. He said it has an RnB feel, “Reminiscent of the ‘Off The Wall’ approach Jackson and producer Rodney Jerkins had developed on ‘Invincible’ for songs like ‘You Rock My World’,” adding that: ”It has a slight ‘The Jacksons’ feel; like in their ‘Triumph’ days.”


“I remember it as an RnB style, mid-tempo love song,” recalls Matt Forger, which matches perfectly with the descriptions of journalists and fans who’ve heard it (see above). “It was a good song, just not in serious consideration for the BAD album. One of many that were recorded and put away.”


Because this is the only track on the album that I have not heard, it’s naturally the one of those I’m most curious about. Click here to read more about the track.


4. A Place With No Name


“A Place With No Name” is a track written by Elliot Straite, aka Dr. Freeze. It is a lyrically re-written cover of the 1972 hit “A Horse With No Name” by the band America. Jackson recorded his vocals at Record Plant Recording Studios in September 1998.


“I challenge anyone not to experience goosebumps after hearing ‘A Place With No Name’,” reported Kevin Hughes, adding that the song deserves to played by radio stations worldwide.


One thing that can’t be denied about this track is Jackson’s vocal. “When he came into the studio to record, he stood before the microphone and set fire to the song,” recalls Dr. Freeze of the recording session. “As he left, the studio was in ashes and our jaws on the floor. It was really impressive to see.”


Click here to read my exclusive article; ‘Michael Jackson’s “A Place With No Name” – The Story Behind The Song’.


5. Do You Know Where Your Children Are (aka 12-O’Clock)


This track could be titled one of two things: a) “12 O’Clock” or b) “Do You Know Where Your Children Are”. The latter is the authentic title of the song, as cited by Jackson in a 1993 court deposition. The track was originally recorded during the ‘Dangerous’ album sessions.


All reports so far have cited this one at the album’s peak. “The fifth song we were played opens with computerized synths as the star’s iconic ad libs of ‘hee-hee’ and ‘aaaow’ smack you with excitement,” writes Lewis Corner, adding: “Echoed snare beats and a storming rawk guitar solo make it one of the stand-out tracks. It’s: ”One of the outstanding cuts on the ‘Xscape’ album,” agrees Kevin Hughes. “An emphatic Jackson discusses family values and child abuse over a pulsating bass line and guitar riff.” Michael Cragg called the track “a proper, undeniably amazing hit” before going into a little more detail. “Opening with a delicate flurry of cascading 80s synths, it feels like the perfect embodiment of the old and the new, with some vintage “hee hee” ad-libs peppering the sophisticated mesh of electronics. It also features a typical Jackson pre-chorus section that then opens out into the album’s best chorus, before a great false stop moment heralds an even more bonkers final third, with Jackson hee-heeing and ow-ing his head off.”


While I can deal with the possibility of Epic Records opting to change the actual title of this song from “Do You Know Where Your Children Are” to “12 O’Clock” for the sake of avoiding the potential criticism and narrow-minded controversy the lengthy original may cause, there is one thing I hope they don’t mess with; the lyrics Jackson delivers vocally on the track.


First of all, before I explain what I mean, let me put this into context: To me, Michael Jackson is a real life superhero. Not only did he moonwalk, morph into black panthers, zombies, robots and cars, and fly off the edge of the stage, out over the audience using a jetpack at the end of his ‘Dangerous World Tour’ concerts, but he, like all great superheroes, actually wanted to save the world and the people in it. This was just who he was. Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, remembers Michael as a little boy seeing the starving children in Africa on television with flies around their mouths. “One day I’m gonna do something about that,” he’d tell her. And he did. He raised hundreds of millions of dollars for dozens of charities around the world. Michael Jackson truly cared for humanity. He cared for people of all cultures, races, ages and walks of life. He cared for equality and human rights. This is evidenced in his songs, such as “Heal The World”, “Earth Song”, “Man In The Mirror” and “Why You Wanna Trip On Me”. He was so often the voice of the voiceless; take “The Lost Children” or “They Don’t Care About Us” for example.


Now, “Do You Know Where Your Children Are” discusses child abuse. In the song, Jackson sings about a girl who has run away from home, leaving behind a letter to her mother: “She wrote that she was tired of step-daddy using her. Saying that he’ll buy her things while sexually abusing her.” The song then follows the girl to Hollywood, where she winds up letting her hair down and “selling her body hard” under the guidance of a man she met at the train station. In the choruses, Jackson asks the listener: “Do do you know where your children are? Because it’s now twelve-o’clock, and they’re somewhere out on the streets. Just imagine how scared they are!” At the end of the third and final verse Jackson chillingly proceeds to put the entire debacle into perspective, revealing the girl’s doomed fate by singing that the police were: “Arresting this little girl that’s only twelve-years old!”


The reason I am concerned about the censoring of Jackson’s lyrics stems from the last posthumous album Epic Records and The Estate released – 2010′s ‘Michael’ album. On that album there is a song called “Hollywood Tonight” – a similar theme to “Do You Know Where Your Children Are” – about a girl who has left home and gone to Hollywood. Jackson had been working on “Hollywood Tonight” for a decade, carefully tweaking and perfecting the music while working on the lyrics. He had laid down vocals for two verses and the choruses prior to his death, with a sketch of the bridge and partial third verse as well. One thing is clear; he had a specific vision to tell the untold, tragic story of childhood runaways. In the second verse, Jackson sings: “Westbound Greyhound to Tinsel Town just to pursue her moviestar dreams. She’s giving hot tricks to men, just to get in. She’s taught that that’s not clean, because she’s only fifteen.” However, the words: “because she’s only fifteen” were removed by producer Teddy Riley and replaced with a line from the first verse: “She’s headed for the big sign that means.” This takes the context away from the song completely. This is the moment the seriousness of the matter becomes apparent.


So, back to the positives. The journalists who heard “Do You Know Where Your Children Are” have called it the album’s highlight and a potential radio hit. I hope the song, which is one of my all-time favourite Jackson tracks, is released as a single. I also hope that the remix stays true to Jackson’s vision and message.


6. Slave To The Rhythm


“Slave To The Rhythm” was written by L.A. Reid and Babyface and recorded by Jackson during the ‘Dangerous’ album sessions. The track has since appeared online in a number of forms; once in 2010 – remixed by Tricky Stewart, once in 2013 – remixed by Max Methods and featuring Justin Bieber, and now as part of the Sony Xperia Z2 / ‘XSCAPE’ album cross-promotional commercial series – remixed by Timbaland.


“Track number six – which we identified as ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ – begins with a massive string-led swoosh of scenic proportions, before it completely drops into glitchy electronics and rattling beats. Its shuffling groove marks it as classic MJ, making it yet another highlight,” wrote Lewis Corner. Michael Cragg reported that the Timbaland remix features: “Lashings of beatboxing in the intro, loads of vocal tics throughout, big spidery bassline,” adding that, “as with some of his other songs on Xscape, barely any space for the song to breathe. Thankfully Slave to the Rhythm is strong enough to fight its way through the clutter.” Kevin Hughes labeled the track as a potential single and “floor-filler for a new generation.” All journalists were pleased to announce that Justin Bieber does not feature on this version.


Some background info on how Justin Bieber came to be on the track back in 2013: Tricky Stewart, who had previously remixed the track in 2010 to be considered for the ‘Michael’ album, got Justin Bieber to record the track. Stewart was, at the time, the President of A&R at Epic Records, working under L.A. Reid (who wrote the track). He then gave Jackson’s existing vocal and Bieber’s brand new vocal to a DJ signed to his Red Zone Ent record label, Max Methods, and asked him to re-produce the track. On August 16, 2013 it leaked via SoundCloud and YouTube. Click here to read more about that fiasco.


7. Blue Gangster


“Blue Gangster” is another track written by Dr. Freeze. The track was recorded during the same sessions as Freeze’s other track – “A Place With No Name” – in late 1998.


Reviews of this track have been mixed. “Song number seven – which might be called ‘Blue Gangsta’ – opens with Bond Theme-styled strings and tinned beats, before hearing Michael complain: ‘Look what you’ve done to me/ I can no longer smile’” writes Lewis Corner, adding that the album’s “overarching narrative is what we’ve always loved about Jackson; the superstar who is unlucky in love, but never doubts its power.” As cited in my “Chicago” segment, Kevin Hughes reported that ”Blue Gangster” (and “Chicago”) will: “Remind you of previous Jackson offerings but both tracks benefit from newly enhanced production and remind us of the fact that Michael was keen to remain relevant to the emerging hip-hop generation.” Michael Cragg was less than impressed with the song, stating that it was: “The album’s only true lowpoint,” that “feels like about three different songs fighting for attention.”


“For ‘Blue Gangsta’ I wanted to make a new ‘Smooth Criminal’,” recalls Dr. Freeze of his inspiration when writing the track. “Something more modern and rooted in the 2000s.” The track was considered for the 2010 ‘Michael’ album but was ultimately not selected. Freeze stated that the version that leaked online is not the newest version he has. “I’ve updated it a bit, the song is completed, ready to go. It will be completely different from the version leaked on the net. It is perfectly calibrated to enter a nightclub. It sounds very European in style productions Kraftwerk.”


The version that will appear on ‘XSCAPE’ will be different yet again. Freeze was not involved in the production of the new remix.


8. Xscape


“Xscape” is a track co-written by Fred Jerkins III, Rodney Jerkins, and LaShawn Daniels, produced by Rodney Jerkins, and recorded by Michael Jackson during the ‘Invincible’ sessions.


“It’s the only track which has been re-worked by its original producer, and hears turn-of-the-millennium Jackson snarl over a mix of ’70s disco and ’90s R&B. Its potential for some other-worldly choreography is palpable, which provokes a sad tinge of what could’ve been,” reports Lewis Corner, while Michael Cragg states that: “The only song that sounds like a bit of a struggle vocally, with Jackson’s various vocal tics becoming a bit of a hindrance rather than something more carefree.” Kevin Hughes deduces: ”As the album concludes with title track ‘Xscape’ a sonic slice of noughties electro-pop, I’m left satisfied that Michael’s legacy will endure…”


Many of Jackson’s collaborators believed that “Xscape” was one of the strongest tracks on offer during the ‘Invincible’ sessions. Few could believe that it was never released, along with another Jerkins production called “We’ve Had Enough” (which eventually came out on 2004′s ‘The Ultimate Collection’). Unfortunately, in early 2003 “Xscape” leaked on the internet. Although Jackson, at that time, still had plans to utilize the track, the leak caused the cancellation of those plans. Still, those involved have fond memories of the creative process. “God is good,” said LaShawn Daniels. “I had the opportunity to work with and befriend the greatest artist of all time MICHAEL JACKSON … on the last studio album he recorded while he was alive. I wrote the title track ‘INVINCIBLE’, which became the album title, as well as ‘You Rock My World’ which was his first single ALONG WITH 6 other songs on that album. Now years after his death I am fortunate enough to be apart of another one of his albums with an original song never heard before that I co-wrote. This song serves as the album title as well as first single; XSCAPE. Although I’m sad because he’s not here to see the world respond to this great song and body of work, I am extremely proud to be apart of his legacy and record shattering career,” continues Daniels. “I remember singing on the demo for ‘Xscape’ after writing it,” recalls Fred Jerkins III. Now, finally, “Xscape” will have it’s moment to shine – more than a decade after fans heard it for the first time – with this commanding new remix. “What a blessing to have the title track,” adds Fred.


Källa: DamienShields.



Billboard's new cover story focuses on the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, going behind the scenes with the super-producers who sifted through nearly two-decades of MJ's studio outtakes in an attempt to produce what they hope will be a posthumous hit record, "Xscape" (out May 13). Antonio "L.A." Reid, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins and J-Roc -- the "Xscape" team -- take Billboard into the making of the album, available in an expanded edition that includes a new Justin Timberlake-MJ duet "Love Never Felt So Good."


Check back Monday (May 5) to get the full story. Until then, here are five things we learned about the journey to Michael Jackson's "Xscape."


THERE WAS NO SHORTAGE OF MATERIAL. Producers selected 24 possibilities for "Xscape." They in turn narrowed the field to 20, which were edited down to about 14. Eight will be on the album, though several more were prepared (a deluxe edition will also feature the original tracks). The choices are not exactly surprises, though the omissions may be. The tracks that Jackson cut with Queen's Freddie Mercury in 1983 are not on "Xscape," although both Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen spoke about working on them last year. And though a version of "Slave to the Rhythm" featuring Justin Bieber leaked last August (supported by a series of Bieber tweets), you won't hear it on "Xscape."


HARDCORE FANS WILL LIKELY RECOGNIZE THE TRACKS… But that doesn't mean the producers had heard them before. Timbaland and Stargate's Mikkel Eriksen both began by listening to the source material that Reid presented, and both quickly decided to forgo the instrumental tracks and work with only Jackson's vocals and a few stray noises picked up by the microphone. "You can hear his foot in the booth when he's singing, and his fingers snapping," says Jerkins.


MJ WAS RELENTLESS IN THE STUDIO. During the original sessions for "Slave to the Rhythm" in 1989, Jackson recorded the vocal 24 times. "And it was not once and fix the bad note," says Reid, who worked on the base track with Babyface. "No, he sang the song from top to bottom 24 times without a bathroom break, without a water break, without a 'Give me a moment.' He would sing the song and say, 'OK, give me another track, I can do it better,' and he'd do it again. 'I can nail this. Give me another track,' and he'd do it again."


L.A. REID TRIED TO SIGN JACKSON TO ISLAND DEF JAM. "He said, 'I don't want another hit, I don't want to just make another record. I want to do something great. If it can't be great, if it can't be groundbreaking, if it can't be massive, if you're not as committed as I am, then we shouldn't do it. But if you commit to me I promise I'll commit to you." It wasn't to be. Jackson instead signed a short-lived deal with Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the prince of Bahrain.


MJ REALLY WANTED TO WORK WITH STARGATE. Jackson was looking to collaborate with the Norwegian production duo Stargate — Mikkel Eriksen and Tor Hermansen — known for their hits with Rihanna and Perry. The singer was a fan of their songs for Ne-Yo, and he met with them at the Midtown Manhattan Chinese restaurant Mr. K's to discuss future projects. "Just the two of us, and managers, and Blanket was there as well," says Eriksen. "Down in the basement."


Källa: Billboard.



New month, new MJ XSCAPE info! Today sees announcement of the Deluxe Edition contents. In addition to eight of Michael Jackson’s strongest unreleased songs, contemporized by producers LA Reid, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, John McClain and Jerome "Jroc" Harmon, the Deluxe Edition includes each of the original recordings as left by Michael Jackson as well as additional elements! See below for full deluxe edition contents.

XSCAPE will be available in stores everywhere May 13th, 2014. Pre-order now on iTunes and Amazon. Visit the official Michael Jackson Store to pre-order Xscape 12” Vinyl, including 8 songs, 1 bonus track and a limited edition 12x12 poster! Exclusive Xscape T-Shirt bundles are also available now!

Deluxe Edition Contents:
1. Love Never Felt So Good
2. Chicago
3. Loving You
4. A Place With No Name
5. Slave To The Rhythm
6. Do You Know Where Your Children Are
7. Blue Gangsta
8. Xscape
9. Love Never Felt So Good (Original Version)
10. Chicago (Original Version)
11. Loving You (Original Version)
12. A Place With No Name (Original Version)
13. Slave To The Rhythm (Original Version)
14. Do You Know Where Your Children Are (Original Version)
15. Blue Gangsta (Original Version)
16. Xscape (Original Version)
17. Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake


- Xscape Documentary (L.A. Reid and the producers discuss their experiences on this project)
- Xscape Documentary Outtakes


- Exclusive Mr. Brainwash poster (exclusive to softpak version) – Michael Jackson was an early admirer of Mr. Brainwash and they became friends. Now he has created an original piece of art which has been included as a poster.


Källa: MichaelJackson.


Justin Timberlake har precis lagt upp denna bild på sin Instagram!


"It’s almost here! The first #MJXSCAPE single “Love Never Felt So Good” will have its television premiere during the #iHeartAwards tomorrow night! Don't miss it!" ~ Michael's Estate igår
Det verkar inte som om Sverige sänder galan! Jag har försökt leta, men hittar inte. Så tråkigt! Hittar ni någonting? Man kan ju se klipp efteråt, men det är ju så mycket roligare att se det live – precis stunden då låten har premiär! :(


Gör er redo för premiären av singeln "Love never felt so good", som släpps på torsdag!


Låtlistan till Xscape har tillkännagetts! Klicka här. Dessa låtar kommer vara med:
1. Love Never Felt So Good
2. Chicago
3. Loving You
4. A Place With No Name
5. Slave To The Rhythm
6. Do You Know Where Your Children Are
7. Blue Gangsta
8. Xscape


Michaels sida på Facebook har bekräftat att Thriller har sålt över 100.000.000 exemplar!!!! Och tänk bara, för 8 år sedan var det nästan hälften av detta antal.


"The announcement you've been waiting for - New music is coming! Get ready for XSCAPE, an album of previously unreleased Michael Jackson songs. XSCAPE comes out May 13th and available for pre-order tomorrow, April 1st. For more info, visit www.michaeljackson.com."
~ Michael's Estate


Bela Farkas, the little boy whose life Jackson saved in 1994:
The young man in the pics is Bela Farkas who was the little boy who Jackson met in 1994 in Budapest while visiting a hospital. It’s the first time he’s ever given an interview. In 1994 Bela was an orphan in need of a liver transplant but at the time no such operation was performed in Hungary and it was very expensive abroad. When Bela was born his parents left him, so he had no hope to get the money. When Michael visited the hospital he asked the doctors why the boy was so thin and yellow and they explained what had happened to him. He immediately said that he would pay for the operation and the treatment. Not only would Jackson go on to pay for the operation, but also all the treatment that was needed after that and he continued to send Bela gifts too. Shortly after his operation Bela was adopted, so he grew up with loving parents. When Michael went to Hungary for the HIStory tour, he met Bela again. The boy then told him: “It as if you are my father.” Michael laughed and told him: “Then you are my son.” They remained in contact until Jackson’s death. Michael would send him cards, gifts for his birthday, for Christmas and Bela sent him drawings and photos and updates on his life. When Michael died Bela cried as if he had lost a father. He is 24 now and has just become the father of a healthy girl. He says the doctors predicted he would not live past his 18th birthday and here he is at 24 still doing well. He is forever grateful to Jackson and is sure he’s in Heaven now.

(Se videon när Michael träffar Farkas här!)



Michael’s great grand father Nero Jackson was half Choctaw Native American and half black, and was a slave. He once attempted to run away and was beaten almost to death by the plantation owners. When he ran away for a second time, he was caught and this time they held a hot chimney rod over his nose to brand him, leaving him for dead, however he survived once again and continued working on the plantation. When the slaves were freed he took on work as a Native American shaman, skills he’d learned from his father. He managed to earn enough money to buy farm on land of his own, but when he became old, a white man said he would help take care of the land for him, and as Nero didn’t understand all the documentation, he tricked Nero and stole the land from him.

Michael’s great grand mother Mattie was the product of a slave and the handicapped white daughter of a plantation owner. Because the baby was part black, the plantation owners didn’t want her, and so they left her outside at night to die. They reconsidered only when they realized the baby would also be considered half white, and therefore they could be punished for having let her die. Still refusing to care for her because of her race, they then sold her to another family.

When Michael’s grandfather Samuel, married his wife Crystal, he was afraid of KKK reprisals as she was half white.


Sångerskan Lady Gaga gör sig klar för att öppna ett Michael Jackson-museum, där hon ska visa upp alla saker hon köpt från hans dödsbo, vilka värderas till över 12 miljoner kronor. Gagas samling består bland annat av den kända jackan han hade på sig i "Thriller"-videon från 1983.

Anledningen till att hon väljer att öppna ett museum är att hon vill att han ska bli ihågkommen, och att hans tillhörigheter bevaras. Pengarna hon tjänar på museet ska enligt henne själv gå till "en välgörenhetsorganisation som han brydde sig mycket om".
Källa: Posh24.


Javisstja! Jag hade helt glömt bort att den mer än ett år långa röstandet av vem som är den mest kända personen är avslutad! Vem vann? *Trumvirvel* MICHAEL JACKSON. Kolla här.
Tävlingen fortsätter, dock, och nästa avslutning är 1 januari 2015. Så rösta på Michael, om ni inte har gjort det!


Michael Jackson har officiellt sålt över en miljard skivor! Detta bekräftar Michaels Estate! Då är det inräknat endast hans soloalbum. Läs här. Han förtjänar så himla mycket detta, ingen annan musikartist har varit så engagerad i sitt artisteri som honom. Han har jobbat obeskrivligt hårt för att göra det bästa av sin talang, och offrat så himla mycket. <3


Isabelle tipsade om att Michaels album Number ones ligger på femte plats som iTunes bäst säljande album i världen! Häftigt!!!!


Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul is quite the charmer—so much so, in fact, that he once made friends with Michael Jackson! In an interview with Details’ February issue, the 34-year-old actor recounts the time when, while partying at the home of Prince Azim of Brunei, he and the late King of Pop connected instantly and had a heartfelt conversation about family and forgiveness.


"It was the Prince of Brunei’s 25th-birthday party," he recalls. "Six years ago, outside London."


After Aaron, a plus one at the fête, suggested chasing “all these sheep, like a thousand sheep surrounding the castle,” he quickly fell into favor with the royal prince and princesses Azemah and Fadzilah. And despite breaking the Prince of Brunei’s hovercraft (as he says, “If I have a chance to hovercraft around a castle, I’m going to hovercraft around a castle.”), he was still quite the popular party guest.  


"I was going back up to my room, and this guy grabs me and says, ‘Hey, Prince Azim wants to see you in the library,’" he says. "So I go down there, and he’s sitting on the couch with Michael Jackson, and me and Michael Jackson end up having this hour-long heart-to-heart about family and upbringings, and I remember, he just put his arm around my shoulder and said, ‘You know, if you’ve had a rough childhood or not, it’s all about forgiveness. Once you realize that, it’s fine. Everything’s fine.’ "And I’m like, ‘Michael, you are absolutely right,’" he says. "And then I go, ‘Do you want to do a shot?’ And he goes, ‘Sure!’ And I was like, ‘Okay, Michael, let’s do this.’"


Källa: UKOnline.


Igår lämnade hon in papprena. Katherine Jackson, 83, vill ha en omprövning om ansvaret för sonen Michaels död. Hon menar att rätten misskött fallet.
Över fyra år har gått sedan Michael Jackson dog 2009. Men än är inte rättsprocessen över. Igår lämnade hans mamma, Katherine Jackson, in nya handlingar till rätten, skriver contactmusic. Handlingarna är en begäran om omprövning. I början av oktober dömde rätten till fördel för motståndaren, "This is it"-arrangören AEG Live, då konsertbolaget frikändes från allt ansvar för Michael Jacksons död. Enligt juryn gjorde AEG Live inte fel när de anställde läkaren Conrad Murray som Michael Jacksons vårdare i samband med "This is it"-comebacken. Conrad Murray dömdes i november 2011 för vållande till popstjärnans död, men släpptes fri i oktober i år. Då hade läkaren avtjänat mindre än två år av sin fyra års-dom. Men trots det menade rätten att arbetsgivaren AEG Live inte gjort något fel, eftersom Murray inte ska ha varit "opassande" eller "Inkompentent" vid tidpunkten för anställningen.
I Katherine Jacksons begäran listar hon ett flertal nya anledningar till omprövning. Bland annat pekar hon på ny bevisföring, generella fel under rättsprocessen – och att juryn misskött sitt jobb. Popstjärnans mamma menar också att hon inte fått en helt rättvis chans att bevisa att AEG Live har varit vårdslösa när de anställde Conrad Murray. Katherine Jackson är idag vårdnadshavare för Michaels tre barn, Prince, 16, Paris, 15, Blanket, 11.
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"Thriller" är på riktigt The Anthem of Halloween – dessutom kommer Michaels musik leva förevigt. "Thriller" är tillbaka på Billboard Hot 100! Helt vansinnigt häftigt.
Just outside the top 10 on the r’n’b chart, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” re-enters at No. 14, thanks to strong digital sales and streams caused by the Halloween holiday. Now a staple during Halloween celebrations, “Thriller” rose 51% to 35,000 downloads and 82% to 2 million domestic streams. “Thriller” concurrently re-enters the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 42. ~ Billboard Hot 100
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