Dear Norwegian Nobel Committee,

We the undersigned, would like to nominate legendary performing artist and global humanitarian Michael Jackson for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. He was and will continue to be one of the most famous, and influential men on earth.

Michael’s message for humankind has always been rooted in compassion, and kindness. He has succeeded a lifelong dedication to the well being of humanity. Moving beyond all political, social, and economic borders Michael Jackson consistently spread a positive message of global unity, healing, and love.

Michael Jackson endlessly devoted his life to helping others in their darkest time of need. It would be nearly impossible to count the multiple hundreds of millions of dollars Michael has donated to charity from his own finances, charity organizations, and also through his organizing of major fund raising events.

In 1984, Michael Jackson was severely burned while filming a commercial for the Pepsi Cola Company. Michael was awarded $1.5 million in the court settlement, which he donated to the Michael Jackson Burn Center.

The 1985 charity fund raising song ‘We Are The World’ was co-written and organized by Michael Jackson. The song was recorded in an effort to help aid famine-relief in Ethiopia. To date the song has generated over $60 million in relief aid for the charity.

The most impressive global contribution Michael Jackson has made to humanity was his 1992 creation of the Heal The World Foundation. Michael’s foundation is responsible for educating children about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, donating millions of dollars to poverty stricken children in need, and airlifting 46 tons of supplies to war torn Sarajevo.

In 1994, Michael Jackson pledged $120,000 from the Heal The World Foundation to pay the cost of a liver transplant for an abandoned Hungarian child by the name of Bela Farkas. This is the type of giving that led to Michael being listed under the entry “Most Charities Supported By A Pop Star” in the year 2000 Guiness Book of World Records. Michael Jackson also continued to contribute to charities for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, and the victims families of the attacks on 9/11/01.

We the Undersigned, believe Michael Jackson has given of himself completely and selflessly in a lifelong effort to help better global conditions for children, and all of humankind. Please consider Michael Jackson whole heartedly as the nominee, and recipient for the distinguished honor of this most prestigious award.

Michael Jackson has undoubtably earned the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

Nadja | Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 14:34:40

Jag har städat och tvättat bilen invändigt och utvändigt. =) Nu kollar jag film. =) Lycka te med provet. =)

♥ ÖSTERSUNDS STÖRSTA BÖG ♥ | Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 15:10:28

sv. men det är klart att jag gör.

Johanna | Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 15:23:03

mina favorit låtar av han är nog beat it och man in the mirror ;)

vilken är din favorit?

becka | Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 15:29:28

sv; tack så mycket & desamma! :D

Liina | Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 15:46:44

Vsg :) Ja såklart, det är ju Justin och jag!! :D

RICHI :* | Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 15:54:01

sv; tyvärr gillar inte när man endast gör reklam! :)

amanda | Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 16:34:37

sv: visst, jag har röstat :)

MOLLIE | Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 16:57:28

Härligt att han van! ♥

Jasmine | Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 17:03:30

Jag har röstat! :)

MJ<3 | Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 20:17:11

Har röstat!

Love MJ<3

Themoonwalker | Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 20:49:20

Han förtjänar priset, tycker jag.

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