No matter what, the most powerful thing in the world is the human mind, and prayer and belief in yourself, and confidence, and perseverance. No matter how many times you do it, you do it again, until it's right. And always believe in yourself and no matter who's around you that's being negative or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off, because whatever you believe, you become. And after all of that, the most important, the most important – stay humble. Be with the humbleness that a child, like a newborn baby, has. Even though you become powerful or have power with people, with your talent, you know, or like Michelangelo did with sculpting, underneath all of that, be as humble as a child, as a baby, and as kind and giving and loving. Never become puffed up with pride.

I attribute that to my parents who always taught us to persevere and believe in yourself, have confidence, no matter what you do. Even if you're sweeping floors or painting ceilings, do it better than anybody in the world, no matter what it is that you do, be the best at it, and have a respect for others, and be proud of yourself.

lovisa | Datum: 2011-04-19 Tid: 08:32:47

sv: det ä rbra:9sJ?

Lotta | Datum: 2011-04-19 Tid: 13:32:10

Sv: Tack så mycket :)

lovisa | Datum: 2011-04-19 Tid: 15:21:21


felicia | Datum: 2011-04-20 Tid: 14:07:07

Tja! Awesome blogg!

Vad ska du göra idag? :)

FowZie - pojkfixerad Eskilstunabo | Datum: 2011-04-23 Tid: 10:25:39

Glad påsk alla glada små kycklingar (:

Ninas modeblogg, utan mode | Datum: 2011-04-23 Tid: 11:59:03

Bra text :)

MJ Novell | Datum: 2011-04-23 Tid: 14:36:48

Jättefint sagt av honom :')

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