Who is Michael Jackson? Are you serious?
Please excuse me so I can rant.
Michael Jackson was The King of Pop, Rock and Soul. He was a genius. He was a warrior. He was a prisoner in this hell hole we call society. He was the bravest man I've ever known. He was an angel sent from Heaven. Not only was he the the greatest and talented man, but a philanthropist and a patriarch for the Jackson family. The glue that kept everyone together. He loved and cared for children and cared so much to make this world a better place.
He was goofy, crazy, hilarious, loving, kind, beautiful, loveable, incredible and the best, most loving father to probably ever exist. I am so grateful and honored to have known him for over 10 years. He was my life. The only thing that really brought me true happiness.
Michael Jackson was the greatest thing that ever happened to the music industry... and my life.
~ Paris Jackson

josephine | Datum: 2012-10-11 Tid: 19:41:17

Hallå där! Riktigt snygg blogg du har får jag säga! :) Vill bara berätta att jag har en frågestund just nu på min blogg, och det skulle vara jättegulligt om du ville ställa några frågor! Den som ställer flest frågor vinner nämligen en länkning! :D Ta och kika i alla fall?
Kram på dig!

Issa | Datum: 2012-10-11 Tid: 20:48:13

sv: tack :)

Ronja | Datum: 2012-10-11 Tid: 21:05:50

Svar; tack så mycket! :D

Ida | Datum: 2012-10-11 Tid: 21:16:21

Sv: Ja bara du inte slutar följa mig sen :)

Beatrix | Datum: 2012-10-11 Tid: 22:17:38

Bra blogg! :)

★ Ida | Datum: 2012-10-11 Tid: 22:37:04

Sv: vad bra! följer dig med nu (:

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