Akon and MJ! Yeah! This life don't last forever, so tell me what we're waiting for? We're better off being together, than being miserable alone. The nights are gettin' darker and there's no peace inside. So why make our lives harder by fighting love tonight?
I can tell you're tired of being lonely; take my hand, don't let go, baby, hold me. Come to me and let me be your one and only, 'cause I can make it alright 'til the morning. 'Cause I been there before and you've been there before, but together we can be alright, yeah. 'Cause when it gets dark and when it gets cold, we hold eachother 'til we see the sunlight.
So if you just hold my hand, baby, I promise that I'll do all I can. Things will get better if you just hold my hand. Nothing can come between us if you just hold, hold my, hold, hold my, hold, hold my hand, hold my hand.

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Publicerat det: 2013-07-23 | Klockan: 15:37:00 | Kategori: Texter


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