Following her June 5 suicide attempt, Paris Jackson is reportedly too fragile to return home. The 15-year-old-daughter of Michael Jackson is said to be transferring to a boarding school for struggling children when she checks out of the psychiatric facility at the UCLA Medical Center.
According to The Sun and The New York Post, the troubled teen will move into $10 million Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah. Her grandmother Katherine and mother Debbie Rowe allegedly want to ensure that she makes a ful recovery and have already put a security team in place to protect Paris while in Utah.
"As far as Paris is concerned she is fine and is ready to go home, but the doctors and her family are not taking any chances. She tried to end her own life and it doesn't get more serious than that," a source close to the family said.
"They are terrified she will have a major relapse if she has access to Twitter and the Internet again – especially with all the shocking information that is coming out in the AEG wrongful death court case."
"While she's there she can be around kids going through similar problems and concentrate on getting well again, without pressurses from the outside world and all the negativity on the Internet."
Paris has allegedly struggled with depression since her dad died at the age of 50 four years ago.
Källa: DailyMail.

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