Michael Jackson: Skin color changed because of a disease that couldn't be controlled.
Public: He bleaches his skin because he doesn't want to be black.
Michael Jackson: Had nose surgeries because of reasons that were personal to him, and honestly nobody's fucking business.
Public: Hahahah, he doesn't have a nose! He has to use tape to keep it up! etc. (making fun of him, even though, and maybe you didn't know this, Michael was very self conscious of his nose and had been at an early age, due to the fact that his father teased him and calling him ugly.)
Michael Jackson: Doesn't sing about sex in every song.
Public: He must be gay.
Michael Jackson: Genuinely cared for children around the world, spending lots of his time and money to help them, to grant their last wish, to put a smile on their faces, give them what he never had – a childhood. Most of everything that he did for helping organizations was never even recorded or "brought a spotlight to" because that's not what he wanted, he didn't do it for attention, he did it because he was a decent human being who wholeheartedly cared for this world.
Public: He's a child molester.
Michael Jackson: Created a home behind gates, containing a movie theater and rides and zoo animals, not only because hey, he likes those things, but maybe I don't know, because he couldn't go to places like that without causing a riot. (And why the hell not have those things, he wasn't able to enjoy them when he was little to the fact that he started singing at the age of 5).
Public: What a freak, Wacko Jacko, etc.
Michael Jackson: Was accused of child molestation.
Public: Let's make huge headlines of this, let's announce this to the world, let's make it known that this man is indeed a child molester!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Jackson: Was acquitted from the charges, because literally nothing pointed at him being a child molester, no evidence, the storied people told were ridiculous. It was obvious to the juros that all people wanted was money from him. The first child to ever accuse him of those things, admitted after Michael's death, that he lied for his father to get money.
Public: ....................Oh................ Well, let's put a very small article maybe in the corner about this, doesn't need to be big at all, it's no big deal.
So congrats to the public and media, you made fun of a man for having a disease, you made fun of something he was very self conscious of, you took what he loved and twisted it into something that literally destroyed him inside. And now it is too late to apologize.

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