"When do I feel lonely? Uh, usually in hotels. When there’s thousands of fans chanting out in the street … Chanting because they love you and everything, and you can’t get out, you feel trapped inside. And you just cry, you feel lonely, you know? And there’s all that love out there. But still, you really do feel trapped and lonely that you can’t get out. And if you go to a book store, if you go out, if you go to a club — which I don’t like clubs — you know… every book you buy, they want to know ‘Why are you buying this? Why is Michael Jackson buying this? Why is he reading this?’ or [when] you go to the club, as soon as you go in there, every song is my song — as if I want to hear my music — and everybody starts chanting for me to dance. So it becomes a show all over again. So you can’t go anywhere… I don’t want to complain, like I’m complaining, because it comes with the territory. But I don’t think people understand the other side that comes with it. They’re so quick to call you strange and weird, but it’s almost as if you’re forced to be different. Because it’s not a normal life, you know?"

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