Bela Farkas, the little boy whose life Jackson saved in 1994:
The young man in the pics is Bela Farkas who was the little boy who Jackson met in 1994 in Budapest while visiting a hospital. It’s the first time he’s ever given an interview. In 1994 Bela was an orphan in need of a liver transplant but at the time no such operation was performed in Hungary and it was very expensive abroad. When Bela was born his parents left him, so he had no hope to get the money. When Michael visited the hospital he asked the doctors why the boy was so thin and yellow and they explained what had happened to him. He immediately said that he would pay for the operation and the treatment. Not only would Jackson go on to pay for the operation, but also all the treatment that was needed after that and he continued to send Bela gifts too. Shortly after his operation Bela was adopted, so he grew up with loving parents. When Michael went to Hungary for the HIStory tour, he met Bela again. The boy then told him: “It as if you are my father.” Michael laughed and told him: “Then you are my son.” They remained in contact until Jackson’s death. Michael would send him cards, gifts for his birthday, for Christmas and Bela sent him drawings and photos and updates on his life. When Michael died Bela cried as if he had lost a father. He is 24 now and has just become the father of a healthy girl. He says the doctors predicted he would not live past his 18th birthday and here he is at 24 still doing well. He is forever grateful to Jackson and is sure he’s in Heaven now.

(Se videon när Michael träffar Farkas här!)

Anonym | Datum: 2014-03-21 Tid: 15:41:20

Vilken underbar historia. Jag har alltid tyckt, och kommer alltid att tycka, att Michael är det närmsta en ängel som vi någonsin kommer få se. <3

Nelly | Datum: 2014-03-21 Tid: 20:24:24

Återigen får jag bevis på varför han är min idol. Finaste människan nånsin!

Nelly | Datum: 2014-03-21 Tid: 21:43:43

Såhär känns det när man räknar på fingrarna på mattelektionen:


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