“If I had not been exposed to all kinds of adult things as a little kid, I would be doing them right now, because I would be feeling there was something that I am missing. Out of curiosity people want to see the world that they have never been exposed to. But I have seen it and done it. But I’m the guy to say, “Look! Your life now is the most wonderful, magical experience. Don’t try to force yourself to grow up. Don’t try and force yourself to be like someone else. You have the rest of your life to be an adult. The magic is here. J.M. Barrie, who wrote Peter Pan, said it best. When his younger brother died at the age of twelve, he always felt envious because he said his brother never had to grow up. He’d be a boy forever and that’s where the real gold is. That’s what inspired Peter Pan. It’s true. Peter Pan grew out of that. He felt his brother would be a boy forever, and he was.”

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