At one point when we were working on Thriller, we were up for days - all of us were just completely exhausted, man. I was bound to snap at one point. I don’t remember the exact reason, it might have been cause a harmony wasn’t right or the lyrics were wrong, but Michael did something I didn’t want, and I got pissed. And I mean pissed, man. And in that moment I just got up and stormed over to Michael and just screamed at him - I don’t even remember what I said but I was just yelling at his face for not doing something right. After a second I snapped out of it and I looked over at Bruce, and noticed he was looking right at Michael. I looked back at Michael… and it was weird, man, cause he was staring right at me, but he wasn’t looking at me. Like he was seeing something else - his eyes were all fogged up. I stared at him for like 10 seconds, and I reached out and touched his shoulder to make sure he was okay, and he sort of snapped out of it and put his arms up, like I was gonna hit him. And it was in that exact moment that I realized exactly what I did, and why he reacted like that, and I felt sick… We took a little break after, since Michael was a little off for the next few hours. Everything was okay, Michael got over it though by morning… He’s so forgiving, you know? All I could think after that was “Man, I hope this kid doesn’t see me like he sees his father”.
~ Quincy Jones när han fick frågan om Michael och han någonsin bråkade, 2010

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