Jag svär, om jag dör utan att fått höra den här låten, "Michael McKellar", så har jag inte levt, haha. Hans reaktion (eller hans lurighet) får mig att vilja höra den så mycket. Inte mycket är känt om låten, men nedan visas vad som är känt.

Song Info: (MJJC/PositivelyMichael)


Michael McKellar - Written in 1990/1 - Failed to make the Dangerous album.



“Michael McKeller lives in a different world. 


Oh what a different.


NOBODY seems to care.


Waits at the window, look how he’s lying there


pretends he’s dying there. NOBODY seems to care.


Isnt it clear nobody noticed, serving his heart on a tray now.


Isnt it queer look and you’ll notice bowing his head.


Talks to the mirror, he’s standing in the rain.


Tries to escape the pain, his pain remains the same.


Talks to the mirror, feels he must run away to pray now, away now.


Nothing’s for Christmas.


Fighting, trying to hide his fears, crying but noone hears.


Inside he hides the tears.


Feels he must run away.”


Frank Cascio: Traveling the world with Michael Was an adventure. He loved staying in Hotels, He instantly made them his mini Home. Every hotel we stayed in, we had to use aliases. Some of them, I have to say were quite funny. “Donald Duck” “Captain Hook” “Mr Green” “Homer Simpson” Bart Simpson” He would also stay under the name “Michael McKeller” Which is the title to one of his songs. I think my Favorite one was when we all became the “Potter Family” Michael was Harry Potter, I was Frank Potter.…”I liked “Turning Me Off”, an up-tempo song that hadn’t made it on to the Dangerous album; a song called “Chicago 1945” about a girl who went missing a pretty song called “Michael McKellar” and a song that eventually came out on Blood On The Dance Floor called “Superfly Sister”.

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