"Does nobody else find it weird that if the Jackson 5 never made it (or never even formed), Michael would probably still be alive, living in Gary, Indiana as a teacher or in the steel mill his father worked in or smth. He would be a ‘normal’ person living an average life. He would probably nearly completely white by now but wouldn’t have had the money for makeup to cover it up or for any of his surgeries. If things had turned out a little differently, maybe if Joe didn’t decide to form a band, Michael would probably have a small family and be alive and sing his children to sleep every night with that beautiful, beautiful voice. 1000s of children and animals would probably be dead because the huge quantities of money Michael gave to charity wouldn’t have actually gone there. None of us would know each other. None of us would have ever heard him sing or heard any if his songs. My life would be so different. I just find that all so bizarre to think about I can’t quite comprehend it."
Skrivet av ett fan.

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Publicerat det: 2015-04-06 | Klockan: 20:49:17 | Kategori: The fans


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