"I randomly watched that interview with MJ and Lisa Marie and I’m just…In a bad mood because…They interviewer (Diane Swayer) is talking to him about how his HIStory promo is the biggest example of concieted celeb and he’s getting people to worship him and other bullshit ….I dunno it just makes me sad because this man NEVER said he was King although he knew it. He was humble I would say- even to a FAULT. He makes a promo with white girls fainting over him, a statue of himself being erected, and you call him egotistical and such, when this man NEVER had a Kanye I’m the best/better than you moment even though he had EVERY right too. And it’s like… All he got was shit for EVERYTHING I don’t know how he did it it astounds me.


Like in that (ugh I hate to even talk about it) Martin Bashir interview, where Michael’s like “I like to climb trees” and the guy goes oh you like to climb trees more than having sex? YO. The man said he like to climb fucking trees why you tryin so hard to make him like some freak over a simple statement. That’s like… you saying to me “I like drinking tea” and I go “what you like drinking tea more than having sex wow you’re a sexless child like freak” NAH FAM. Person said they like to drink tea what the fuck does that response got to do with ANYTHING


Like they never let him LIVE. The lady asked him if he wished he still had “black skin” and Mike is straight up like “I love being black next.” I don’t know how he did it. That love in his heart… And no one even acknowledges that"


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