After one of the shows in Las Vegas, Joseph called a group meeting… However, Michael decided not to go.
Later, Joseph caught up with Michael as he was wandering through the casino of the MGM Grand. He tapped Michael on the shoulder. Michael glanced back, saw who it was, and continued walking. Joseph roared, ‘What the hell?’ He shouldered aside patrons in an effort to reach his son.
  ‘I remember it like it was yesterday,’a Jackson 5 fan who had gone to Las Vegas to see the show. ‘Michael was dodging his father all over the casino, hopping around like a jackrabbit, trying to outrun Joseph. ‘You listen to me,’ Joseph demanded. Then he grabbed Michael by the arm and yanked him over so roughly even I almost stepped in. I had no idea what was happening, what the problem was, but I couldn’t help but watch.’
  Huck recalled that Joseph spoke softly, rapidly into Michael’s ear. Michael listened, his face a blank. Then, in mid-sentence, it seemed, he shook himself free of Joseph and pushed him away. 'Don’t you ever touch me again. Do you hear me?’ Michael’s voice could be heard above the din of the slot machines. People in the vicinity turned to stare and, upon recognizing him, began to whisper among themselves. No one came forward.
  ‘I never dreamed that Michael Jackson could raise his voice to his father, or to anyone else. I was shocked. He sounded hurt. When he shouted, it was an odd sound, like a wounded animal.
~ STEVEN HUCK (i Las Vegas under en Jackson 5-show)

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