"He would always take time to see the sights. When we were rehearsing in Liverpool, he stopped the practice session so that we could look at some beautiful clouds that had wafted in. That's Michael. They closed down the Louvre in Paris for a whole day while Michael and the rest of us went through. In Rome, Franco Zeffirelli gave him a big party. All of the créme de la créme was there, and suddenly Zaffirelli couldn't find Michael. He looked all over and found Michael in a room with a bunch of kids in their pajamas, playing. He's the most natural, loving person I've ever known, a very good person, as corny as that sounds. He'll see a picture of a baby, and if it's cute kid, he will go gaga over the picture. During the tour, on his nights off, he would go into a toy store and buy ten of this and ten of that and then stay up all night long putting batteries into toys, making certain each one worked so that he could have them ready to give to kids backstage the next day. As if he didn't have enough to worry about."
~ Seth Riggs, Michaels vocal coach (Han talar om tiden under BAD Tour)

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