New ebay auction for a personal video of Michael Jackson with his kids:


“Michael Jackson never before seen various years with Michael Jackson and his children home movies. This is color home movie with sound  approximately 60 minutes. It shows Michael and his kids in Africa, Parts filmed at Neverland Ranch and other countries throughout the world.  Filmed on 8mm video tape. It starts with the birthday party for Prince  third birthday showing Michael, Prince, Paris, Macauly Culkin playing  and opening gifts and singing Happy Birthday. Also shows various years  to 2000 with Michael arm wrestling,on a Jet Ski, Sword Fighting with  Star Wars Light Savers, Reading a book to Paris and Prince, Talking and  playing with his kids. Spending time with Paris and Prince in his hotel  room in Germany and other countries. This auction of the tape does not  and will not include the purchase or transfer of any copyrights to the content  filmed on the tape nor does the auction imply the copyrights to the  content will be given,transferred or licensed. This auction is only for  the tape itself. The quality is very good.”


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Ååh vill se dem ju! Finns det ingenstans på Youtube?? :S

Svar: Tror inte det.

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