Your music crosses over, you know, to all different styles and other artists haven't done this before...
Well, I, like I said before, I create right from the heart. There's no chemistry that I know of, I just project what I feel. The biggest influence for me was the '60s; The Motown and The Beatles, and Carpenters. And I don't know if all that had a big influence on me, I'm sure it did, and I just project how I feel.


What is it that goes through your mind when you perform?
Uhm.. I don't think about much, I don't think at all, actually. I'm feelin' it. It's not a thing of thinking or mechanics. It's all spirit and feeling.


Do you feel unconditional love from your fans?


“That’s hard, ‘cause I’m not in their skin. I think after discovering who I am and how I see them and make them feel good about themselves, they love me unconditionally. I know they do… I feel it, I see it. You go with me sometime and we go out and you’re gonna run into the diehard fans, you’re going to see something. It’s unbelievable, it’s like a religious experience. They sleep on the street, hold up candlelight and they have their families out there, it’s just so beautiful. I love seeing the children come, that makes my heart so happy… They discovered what I’m about, what I’m trying to say, I love them.”


What is your greatest lesson learned?
Not to trust everybody.


Why do you want to forget so much? Do you think life is really hard?
No, maybe it's because I just like jumping in other people's lives and exploring. Like Charlie Chaplin, I just love him to death. The little tramp, the whole gear and everything, and his heart – everything he portrayed on the screen was a truism. It was his whole life. He was born in London, and his father died an alcoholic when he was six. He roamed the streets of England, begging, poor, hungry. All this reflects on the screen and that's what I like to do, to bring all of those truths out. 


If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, and talk with them for an hour, who would it be and why?

Michael svarar;

"It would probably be Michelangelo because he was a phenomenal artist. I think I understand what he was trying to say, even though he was criticized. He was a true artist. He even disected cadavers, which was illegal at the time, because he wanted to get everything anatomically correct. I would have loved to sit and talk with him."


I'm so pleased with the new album (Invincible), but I was particularly touched by "Speechless". What was your inspiration for this song?

Michael svarar;

"Speechless" var inspired to me by... I spend a lot of time in the forest, I like to go into the forest and I like to climb trees. My favourite thing is to climb trees, go all the way up to the top of a tree and I look down on the branches, whenever I do that it inspires me for music. There are these two sweet little kids, a girl and a boy, and they're so innocent, they're the quintessential form of innocence, and just being in there presence I felt completely speechless, 'cause I felt I was looking in the face of God whenever I saw them. They inspired me to write "Speechless".


If you could only perform three of your songs for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Michael svarar;

"Heal the world", "Speechless"... and that's a difficult one... I think... "You are my life". The point is that they're very melodic and they have a great important message that's kinda immortal, that can relate to any time and space, you know."

Nu tänkte jag börja med något nytt här på bloggen! Jag kom på att jag kunde ta ut frågor från lite varstans, från intervjuer och uttalanden osv, och skriva det Michael Jackson svarade på dessa frågor. Det blir en fråga i taget, och de kommer upp lite här och där, tycker jag. Kul, va!?
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