"I had only worked at Neverland for a few weeks. It was a very warm day. I was in my suit (and thinking to myself it was a bit hot to be wearing a suit), standing near the front of the amusement park grinding ice for the snow cone machine with my back to the road that runs in front of the park. I see a golf cart full of people out of the corner of my eye; the golf cart stops right behind me. I keep grinding ice and I hear, "Sure is hot today, isn’t it?"  I slowly turn around and agree then go back to grinding ice. Then … WHAM, a water balloon hits me in the middle of the back. As the golf cart speeds off I hear Mr. Jackson say, "It wasn’t me". I realized that I was feeling much cooler and a thought ran through my mind, "I have never had a boss throw a water balloon at me, I think this is going to be a fun place to work.”


This incident really sticks out in my mind because I had only been working at Neverland for a few weeks and had not had any contact with Mr. Jackson yet, other than running a few rides for him.” 


~ Big Al Scanlan - Director of Maintenance at Neverland Ranch from 1990 to 2005

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