New month, new MJ XSCAPE info! Today sees announcement of the Deluxe Edition contents. In addition to eight of Michael Jackson’s strongest unreleased songs, contemporized by producers LA Reid, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, John McClain and Jerome "Jroc" Harmon, the Deluxe Edition includes each of the original recordings as left by Michael Jackson as well as additional elements! See below for full deluxe edition contents.

XSCAPE will be available in stores everywhere May 13th, 2014. Pre-order now on iTunes and Amazon. Visit the official Michael Jackson Store to pre-order Xscape 12” Vinyl, including 8 songs, 1 bonus track and a limited edition 12x12 poster! Exclusive Xscape T-Shirt bundles are also available now!

Deluxe Edition Contents:
1. Love Never Felt So Good
2. Chicago
3. Loving You
4. A Place With No Name
5. Slave To The Rhythm
6. Do You Know Where Your Children Are
7. Blue Gangsta
8. Xscape
9. Love Never Felt So Good (Original Version)
10. Chicago (Original Version)
11. Loving You (Original Version)
12. A Place With No Name (Original Version)
13. Slave To The Rhythm (Original Version)
14. Do You Know Where Your Children Are (Original Version)
15. Blue Gangsta (Original Version)
16. Xscape (Original Version)
17. Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake


- Xscape Documentary (L.A. Reid and the producers discuss their experiences on this project)
- Xscape Documentary Outtakes


- Exclusive Mr. Brainwash poster (exclusive to softpak version) – Michael Jackson was an early admirer of Mr. Brainwash and they became friends. Now he has created an original piece of art which has been included as a poster.


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