(The Glenda Tapes 2-2)


Michael: You know what, I don’t want them to get close and I don’t want them to see in my soul. And then I deal with this anorexia thing… I feel sad.
Glenda: Don’t, Michael. You look really good. (Silence) You look really good.
Michael: (After a silence- very low, strained) I don’t look good. I (I)




Michael: It’s like, If I danced wrong, if I sang the wrong note, I’d get the hell beat out of me, I’d get thrown in the basement. So instead of taking that out on other people, I withdrew and I’d take it out on myself. There was nothing I could control in my life but my eating.



Du vet aldrig vad någon går igenom. Ha det bara i åtanke.

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