Try and think of a person who became an international success before he hit puberty, gave millions of dollars to charity (and subsequently saved thousands of lives), was an innovator of dance and fashion, and changed the music industry and increased its standards to levels that had never even been contemplated. Try and think of a person who’s music has touched more lives and been bought by more people than any other person’s music on the planet, who united countries, religions and races. Think of someone who stayed humble despite his overwhelming success and became the international symbol for love and peace when he was alive. Someone who was in tremendous physical and mental pain for about 40 years and to this day every supposedly damning story or ‘fact’ about him has been proven wrong. Think of someone who broke racial barriers and fought against the discrimination against sex, age, sexuality and race since he was a child. This person gave more to charity than any other performer in the world and brought more people together than any other singer or political party. 


The only person who fits all of this criteria is Michael Jackson. This is why we say there can never be another King Of Pop, there will never be another Michael.


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